Kulturno umetniško društvo ART STAYS, Ptuj

Kulturno umetniško društvo Art Stays je leta 2005 ustanovila skupina posameznikov z namenom razvoja in promocije predvsem vizualne umetnosti, preko aktivnosti in dogodkov namenjenim razvoju sodobne umetnosti na Ptuju in v tujini.

Art Stays je danes ena najzanimivejših organizacij v Sloveniji, saj gosti skozi leto program razstav v dveh razstaviščih, umetniške rezidence in organizira Festival sodobne umetnosti, ki je osrednji vizualni dogodek v širši regiji vse od leta 2003.

Cultural and Arts Society ART STAYS, Ptuj, Slovenia

Cultural and Arts Society ART STAYS was formed in 2005 by a group of individuals who wish to encourage, develop and promote art, especially visual art, through activities and events aimed at developing contemporary art in Ptuj, Slovenia, and abroad.

Art Stays is one of the most interesting institutions in Slovenia today, as it hosts an artist in residence program and organizes the International Festival of Contemporary Art, which has been the central visual art event in the region since 2003. Each year a wide and representative international panorama of artists and exhibitions of contemporary visual art opens new projects, national pavilions and events, united by Art Stays into an extensive international meeting. In 2012 we successfully realized the 10th edition of the festival.

Since its beginnings, Art Stays has played a leading role in bringing an international vibrancy to the city’s art scene, showing some also for the first time in Slovenia the works of artists such as Laszlo Laszlo Revesz, Cesare Pietroiusti, Leo Ferdinand Demetz, Yoko Ono, Toonis Sadoja, Ilona Nemeth, Ivan Navarro, Elisa Rossi, Kensuke Koike, Angelo Volpe, Raphael Di Luzio, Florian Langemaack, Tim Roeloffs, Marek Schovanek, Sissa Micheli, Peter Wehinger, Sally Noall, Marotta&Russo, Nemanja Cvijanović and many others. Over 500 artists have participated Art Stays events in past 10 years.

The association brings together artists and art lovers in another common goal: to revive and bring new, high-quality content to the town of Ptuj, a medieval gem of Central Europe with a glorious history going back to the Roman days, which has in the past few decades become a sad shadow of its former self. By inviting excellent contemporary artists to spend a week or two in Ptuj and use it as an inspiration and backdrop for their original works of art, we are hoping to create an environment which is open to contemporary art and known for its rich cultural heritage as well as contemporary culture/art, and help Ptuj become an important destination on the map of contemporary art lovers and artists alike. With this goal in mind, we are reaching out to similarly minded organizations throughout Europe and the world, in order to create a network of organizations working towards promoting contemporary art, especially visual art.

Art Stays focuses on promoting, supporting and showing young and mid-career contemporary artists, covering different media such as painting, video, installation, photography and performance. Thanks to the great support and collaboration with curators and European public and private institutions, Art Stays wants to offer a wider range of possibilities to exhibiting artists, functioning as a laboratory for young contemporary art. The strategic geographical position in the heart of Europe permits a circulation of international emerging art positions and makes it comfortable for the artists, collectors and institutions to take part in its activities and to support new projects. The European artists who have already participated in the Art Stays festival in previous years are eager to return to Ptuj, several have already participated more than once.

Other than the annual summer Art Stays festival, our association also strives to promote and develop contemporary art through other projects, such as exhibitions at home and abroad (Germany, Italy), participations of our members at international art fairs and similar events, open and free of charge lectures on contemporary art by artists and professionals from Slovenia and other EU member states, international contests and ex tempores etc.

As we believe in the education of new audience from a young age, we also organize workshops for children and youth during the Art Stays festival and around the year.


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